My Alexa is getting good

Wow! that the only word that I can say today. Why? becuase look, my alexa ranking is quite good then than last week that Ive got this 2M ranking almost. And today, its only 1.4M which means I’m running this blog on the right path. Though I am not often to write on this I mean update but yet still my entries are crawler by Google and reaching the top searched on the Google that can bring unique visitors on my end, I believed!

Actually, I was fond that I can make this blog better and better, its only a matter of time though, becuase I needed to prioritize my other main blog that are giving me a great revenue that to this blog. But of course, I am still hoping that after a month, this blog will move up high on its niche and got also some advertisers to work on this. Meanwhile, let me update this blog so often and will update you with my latest stat by next week. Okay dude, need to go.

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